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How to Avoid Taxi Scams 

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No matter how a business claims to be legitimate, there are still those scammers lying around pretending to be of service to people. Many travelers reported and complained that they have been victims of scams whenever they’re out of state or country. Most of their complaints have been about during taxi rides and their experience in it, almost all involve scams and robbery.  

That’s why when you go out of town and plans to take public or private transportation, you should be careful. If you are planning to book a ride, make sure the company is legitimate. To inform you more about the scams, read the following and learn more.  

 Taxi Scams

Research Fares, Rules and Routes 

Most of the taxi scams are about overcharged fares because of the long routes. This happens when the rider doesn’t know about the place and its routes, so a taxi driver takes the long route instead of the short one to charge more. Also, if a rider doesn’t know about the standard rate in the area, the dishonest driver might overcharge.  

To avoid this, take time to plan your taxi trips by studying the area and standard fares. Research about the typical fares of taxi starting from the airport to your hotel; or from your hotel to the planned destinations. For example, if you wish to visit El Cajon, you can inquire a taxi company in El Cajon to know about their prices and even book ahead.  

Bring a Map 

To know more about your place and avoid taxi scams, track your own route and record your experiences. Taxi drivers might not take you on a long route if you are looking at your map or GPS to keep track of the routes.  

Learn About Licenses and Payment Methods 

Most cities and states have strict license regulations. If you’re visiting a place, research about what their taxi medallions or licenses look like. Before jumping into the taxi, look for a license card or plate or medallion to verify if the taxi is legitimate or not. Never get into an unlicensed taxi. Most scams and robberies happen in an unlicensed taxi. Learn about the payment methods too, if a taxi accepts credit card payments or cash only.  

Familiarize with Common Scams 

There are other common scams which you should be aware too. Be aware of a trick where the driver gives you a large bill as a change but then quickly switched. Beware of what you give and what you receive. If the area doesn’t have meters in their taxis, settle the fare first before you get into the taxi.  

Also, other drivers pretend that their meter is broken and tells you what the fare is, which is typically higher than the normal one. Do not get in if the meter is broken, if you don’t have a choice, settle with the fare first.  

Save Your Receipt 

Save the receipt for every taxi transportation you have. You can use this receipt if you want to file a complaint in the future.  


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